9 Years Old

My baby is turning 9 today.

Where has the time gone? It seems like just last month I was wishing her a happy 8th birthday.

While much has stayed the same, much has changed in the last year:

She is still my little miss sunshine.

She is still very much a child and (so thankful for this).  Her eyes still have the sparkle of one who has not yet seen much sadness or disappointment.

She still has loads of allergies and food issues, but has grown several inches and almost ten pounds this year and is approaching the 50 pound mark!

She has lost more teeth this year. Most of her adult teeth are coming in and a retainer was added this fall to help straighten a wayward tooth. I find it makes her look older.

She is in grade 4 this year, and loves her school. This week (it changes often) her favourite class is poetry.

She still loves to play with her baby dolls, but has discovered horses this year and is now officially horse crazy (She is now cantering and is most eager to jump).

She still is my animal whisperer.  She loves anything that has life and seems to have an uncanny ability to communicate with them.

She is still in piano lessons and is starting to show progress, much to her mother’s surprise and delight.

She still loves gymnastics and if effort were all that counted, then she would be in the olympics!

Second to horses is skiing.  This year my little (48 pounds) speed demon will try her hand at the racing team. (My poor heart.)

More than anything she loves her family and friends, neighbours, and most anyone she meets.

She is our people person and is most happy when there are lots around.  (There isn’t a shy bone in her little body.)

Happy Birthday sweet Abbie.





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The Hudsons

Hoped, wished and longed for.  A beautiful dream came true this year and this gorgeous young mom wanted to document this amazing time in the life of her and her handsome husband.

I spent a weekend this fall on beautiful Prince Edward Island where I witnessed much beauty.

I saw the sun rise behind an angel on the top of majestic red sand cliffs.

I spent the afternoon in a the sweetest little farmhouse that Anne herself would have been right at home.

I watch the sun set in the west in the most western point of the province and I spent an afternoon watching two fur babies run on a beach of sand that actually sang.

The weather was unbelievably warm, but not surprising to me as it so fit the sunshiny happiness that surrounded this sweet couple.

And I spent my final evening on a secluded beach by a crackling campfire watching the sun set into a sapphire sea of blue.

It was a beautiful time full of happiness, excitement and anticipation.  I have tried to capture just a bit of it with my photographs.

This is my record of that weekend.


The Hudson Family –


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admin - December 10, 2014 - 9:47 am

Thank you :) And yes, she (he too) is stunning!

Kathy wells - December 10, 2014 - 7:57 am

Just fantastic! You did it again! Of course you did have a beautiful subject!


(Isn’t he gorgeous?!)

Thinking of my sweet nephew today as he celebrates Thanksgiving with his family in Rhode Island.

-And am feeling very thankful as well, as I got to enjoy him myself for a few days last week at the beautiful home he shares with his mommy, daddy and great big puppy Sumo.



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Isn’t she stunning? (And just a little brave?)

And because I know these questions are coming, I’ll clarify a few of them right off the bat:)

-Yes, we really were up that high. (Actually, I was on a step ladder- on top of another little cliff.)

-Yes, the cliffs are red. (This was taken on Prince Edward Island…. lots of gorgeous red cliffs.)

-Yes, the wind really was blowing that much.  (The dress is quite heavy and I didn’t expect it to move at all.  I also wasn’t expecting such high winds.)

-Yes it was cold (ish). This was taken the end of September at sunrise, by the ocean, on top of a cliff.

-Was it safe? (Absolutely. I would never have put her in a position that was unsafe. There was quite a lot of room where she was standing.  The angle I was shooting from just didn’t show it.)


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