The Narrows- My Outdoor Studio

I took a break from the other projects I have been working on this week and took some test shots in my new studio.

My outdoor studio.  The other one; the one that will have four walls and a roof is still in the beginning stages.  We now have a foundation and the walls are starting to take form, but it will be months before it will be ready for photography of any sort.

But just steps away is the prettiest stretch of river with a small fern covered island in the middle of it that I thought might work for taking photographs.   It is a shady stretch of river and has no spectacular sunrises or sunsets over it, but there are times when it feels magical.

The sort of place where wood nymphs and fairies live.

These two ladies obliged me and we spend the magic hour on the river as the sun set.

(Well, they were on the island and I was waste deep in water.)

These are a few of my favourites from our little shoot.

I  think I will like my new studio.



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