By the Sea

And for an instant, a sliver of time-

She was still.

And her eyes (as blue and deep as the sea),

Eyes that normally dance in time with her thoughts (which never stand still).

Her eyes met mine.

And for the the briefest of  moments, time stood still.

And I saw marvelous things.

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Who knows you better than a sister? Sisters share a bond that goes so very far beyond the pettiness of daily mishaps that are an inevitable part of growing up.  When push comes to shove, a sister will always have your back and will be the first to come to your side when times get rough.  They share a special language that doesn’t require words.  A sister can tell what you are thinking before you even know you are thinking it and and know just what you need before you think you actually need it.  Despite their differences (and there will always be differences) they are more alike than anyone else in the world and share  a love and bond that goes beyond time and age.

Please join me with a look back at the last days of this summer past when I spent two beautiful evenings with these gorgeous ladies. They have the most beautiful eyes and smiles that light up the sky. They were such troupers, (trudging through muddy fields of flowers that towered  over their heads, and swarms of tiny biting insects at the beach) and were perfect little models for me as I  photographed a few moments of their beautiful sisterhood.

Aren’t they stunning?


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