Jordan’s – Maternity Photoshoot

Not Your Mamma’s Maternity Photos!

Gone are the days ( thank goodness) when pregnancy wasn’t talked about and you spent the majority of 9 months draped in clothing that resembled your mother’s living room curtains.

Now we live in a time when mamma’s-to-be can celebrate this incredible time in their life ( and the life of their family) while they prepare for the birth of their baby.

How lucky am I to be able to document this special time and with photos that show just how beautiful it was?

Jordan travelled all the way from Saint John for photos in my studio.  She was such a trouper; after we finished with studio images,  we travelled another hour where she braved the cold and wind for a sunset shoot in beautiful Peggy’s Cove.

You are as trusting and patient as you are beautiful and kind.

Thank you,


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Theo- Sitter Session

Oh Theo, you are so beautiful.

Just as his big brother only a year before had, little Theo proudly showed off his newly learned ability to sit-up all by himself.

Posing in the very same outfit, in the very same place, this adorable little boy looks so much the same, yet so totally different than his big brother Owen.

He was a trouper and stayed up past his nap for these photos and was the perfect little model, giving me the sweetest smiles and expressions I could hope for.



( Big brother Owen the previous year:


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Beautiful Hannah came to visit me a few weeks ago.

Her sweet mama wanted some photos to capture her little girl at this magical age.  The fleeting, of too short time when the child remains but glimpses of the grown up person start appearing with much too often frequency.

Hannah was the perfect little model and together we made some very beautiful photographs.  These are some of my favourites from her gallery.

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Snow Day


The in-between age.  The oh so short period of time between the imagination of childhood and the adventures of what is known as “teenagers”.

Your room is still full of dolls and toys but I’ve been noticing you don’t play with them as much you used to.  I had to look for a picture book last month for a little visitor we had at our house; there weren’t any in your  room, chapter books now fill your shelves.

Yesterday you sang to with the radio as we drove home from school.  It was a new song that I had never heard before but you knew all the words. Your math homework this week was full of algebra and you have to write a thesis for your upcoming project.

You are growing up.

I didn’t have time to take photos of you on your birthday and the months have flown since then.

Today we had yet another snow day and I have a new light in my studio that was begging for me to try it out.

And with only a bribe (and a 15 minute time limit during which you would humour me) to make some popsicles- you agreed.

-Abbie at 11 years.

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