Isn’t she stunning? (And just a little brave?)

And because I know these questions are coming, I’ll clarify a few of them right off the bat:)

-Yes, we really were up that high. (Actually, I was on a step ladder- on top of another little cliff.)

-Yes, the cliffs are red. (This was taken on Prince Edward Island…. lots of gorgeous red cliffs.)

-Yes, the wind really was blowing that much.  (The dress is quite heavy and I didn’t expect it to move at all.  I also wasn’t expecting such high winds.)

-Yes it was cold (ish). This was taken the end of September at sunrise, by the ocean, on top of a cliff.

-Was it safe? (Absolutely. I would never have put her in a position that was unsafe. There was quite a lot of room where she was standing.  The angle I was shooting from just didn’t show it.)


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The Quinn Family

The Quinn Family had outgrew their much loved home and were getting ready to move into a brand new one that suited their family a bit better.

Mom is a very smart lady and asked me to come and document her babies in the only house they had ever known before they said good bye to it.

She wanted photos to remember their life at this time and her children as they were, (exactly as they were).

I invite you to take a peek into their life as saw through my visits ( Due to everyone’s schedules, there were 2 short visits, over the period of about a month.) and I guarantee that you will fall in love with this gorgeous family as I have.


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Shauna - November 16, 2014 - 9:39 pm

Wow! What a neat idea! Lovely pics as always:)


In the sunshine and in the rain- I have a feeling these two will be best friends for always.

-The rain ended this shoot even before it started (you can see it in the background), but we managed to get this sweet photo of these adorable little boys. (And one or two more.)

They are as cute as they come:)


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Chicken Sweaters- Dress Rehersal

Sometimes a picture just happens.

What I mean is, sometimes you see something that you think will make a nice picture and you go get your camera and take the picture.

Easy peasy.

Sometimes (and often the case) there is way more work done in the preparation of the photo shoot than one would expect.

And that is good.  For the most part, a good picture shouldn’t look contrived.

One of the shoots I am planning this fall is taking a bit more time than usual to prepare for.

We had a bit of a trial run today to see what the subjects thought of their outfits for the shoot.

While a bit of modifications are in order, I think they will work just fine.

But we may need better treats to get them to stay in position for the picture though.




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